Skills & Work

If you are looking for a developer, I am not currently looking for new opportunities. Thank you for your interest!

I focus on programming projects that constitute a web app’s or website’s functionality rather than design-to-website conversion work.

I am, however, also fluent in converting designs into fully-functional WordPress themes that make use of modern technologies and adhere to web standards.

I am experienced in using

  • PHP, incl. WordPress and the Symfony and Laravel frameworks,
  • JavaScript, incl. React and Redux,
  • JavaScript tooling, such as Webpack, Parcel, and Grunt,
  • HTML, CSS and SASS, incl. the BEM methodology,
  • design patterns for clean code,
  • testing and debugging tools, such as PHPUnit, WP_Mock, Xdebug, React Testing Library, and Jest,
  • version control systems, such as Git, SVN, and CVS,
  • MySQL,
  • remote collaboration apps, such as GitHub, JIRA, Trello, etc.
  • other programming languages, like Java, Python, and Bash scripting.

My past projects include

  • Web app and software integration development at SMSAPI.
  • Developing WordPress plugins, such as a two-factor authentication plugin and a plugin restricting access to posts based on user roles and post categories.
  • Adding extra functionality to existing plugins, including WooCommerce Bookings and The Events Calendar.
  • Building React-powered sites using WordPress’ REST API from scratch.
  • Troubleshooting and fixing bugs in premium plugins and themes, always taking an update-proof approach and taking the time to find the most reliable way to implement a change first.
  • Troubleshooting website performance.
  • Turning designs into custom WordPress themes.
  • Non-WordPress web apps, APIs, bots, and CLI scripts in PHP, JavaScript, Python, and Java.